Massage Treatments

Spa-treatmentsThe Hastings House Classic

A timeless ritual and our signature treatment. Swedish massage will quiet your mind, profoundly relax your body and promote circulation, balance and restoration. A flower petal foot bath welcomes you on arrival to leave behind the worries of the day. Warm, aromatic compresses melt away tension during the massage.

60 minutes $125
75 minutes $150
90 minutes $175

RMT Massage

60 minutes $140
90 minutes $185

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is soothing for those experiencing tension in head, neck, shoulders, back and feet—recommended as an excellent revival treatment for travel recovery and jet lag.

60 minutes $125
75 minutes $150
90 minutes $175

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu, a traditional Japanese treatment that promotes deep emotional and physical relaxation, uses the principles of acupressure, as well as stretching and joint rotation, to work on the meridians of the body. Clients should come in comfortable clothing.

60 minutes $125
75 minutes $150
90 minutes $175

Hot Stone Massage

Locally gathered ocean stones are placed on key energy centers of the body to recharge and restore the body’s strength. The combination of massage and warm stone therapy is deeply restorative, and has both sedative and re-energizing effects. Cool marble stones enhance circulation.

90 minutes $200

Foot Massage

Pressure points on the feet and lower legs re-establish the flow of energy throughout the body. This highly specialized foot massage helps to relieve stress and tension. Hot towels cocoon the feet  after an application of rich cream with eucalyptus, peppermint, mountain pine, rosemary and lavender .  An ideal treatment for guests who prefer not to undress or as an introduction to massage.

60 minutes $125

Fragrant Rose Hand and Foot Treatment

Exfoliation and deep moisturizing butters nourish  hands and feet with massage and acupressure to relieve pain and tension.

60 minutes $95

Body and Sole

This treatment combines foot massage with full-body massage for a two hour total relaxation experience.

120 minutes $200

The Décleor Body Wrap

This is an excellent year round treatment that will deep cleanse and re-hydrate your skin.  Eliminate toxins carried throughout the body and purify after holiday indulgence or as part of your Spring Cleanse. A detoxifying eucalyptus steam and warm shower complete this treatment.

Rhassoul Mud 90 minutes $140

Seaweed 90 minutes $140

Aromatic Steam Shower

Make the most out of your spa experience by booking an Aromatic Steam to eliminate toxins from the body, open up breathing, cleanse, detoxify and warm the muscles.  ( Full massage treatment must be reserved to receive this added service)

20 minutes $25              *complimentary with any 90 minute treatment

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